03/25/2006 08:44PM

I added a new feature called My Album! After you activate it, you can move pictures to your 'albums' folder and it will be shown in your gallery. You can show people your album by giving them the link to it.

Album link:

08/07/2005 12:48AM

This is a site for my friends to upload files, such as music for Xangas, pictures for posting in forums, or anything else. :)

After you register, be sure to AIM me at wesisonaim so I can activate your account.

Account information
Maximum storage space:
50 MB

Maximum upload size:
15 MB

Allowed file types:
jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, zip, mp3, wma

Bandwidth per month:
1 GB

Need help?
AIM me at wesisonaim.

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